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Writing and editing services

Global message which can be set or changed on each page.

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.
— Mark Twain

Clear writing—what we like to call “lean, clean prose”— is fundamental to all good communication. You can have the world’s best strategy and the greatest ever ideas for content, but if words fail, your message falters. We’ll make sure you stay on the path with messages that are crisp and on point and words that say exactly what you mean.

Could your website use a good proof-reading to eliminate typos and grammatical lapses that leave readers scratching their heads and wondering if they want to trust you with their business? Our editing services will clean up your content and make a difference in your presentation.

We have experience writing

  • Successful proposals and presentations to Fortune 500 companies
  • Executive communications on sensitive topics for internal and external audiences
  • Annual reports and environmental reports for a Fortune 10 company
  • Executive speeches for diverse audiences and occasions
  • Corporate white papers
  • Marketing collateral
  • Articles and books for general audiences and young adults

We deliver

  • Attentive listening
  • Clear articulation of your messages
  • Content that moves your audience
  • Advice based on experience across the spectrum of communications channels
  • Editing skills that make your web content shine

As a bonus

  • Margaret is recognized as an accomplished writer across platforms — B2B content, instructional materials, narrative essays, newsletters, and books for general readers. During her career with top-tier organizations, Margaret’s reputation as a strong writer led to frequent assignments on sensitive communications projects.
  • With a deep grounding in grammar going back to her schooldays and editorial experience with major publishers, Margaret can spot a typo at 50 feet. Her written content is well structured and free of fluff.



I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil.
— Truman Capote


An executive in Margaret’s organization sought her assistance in writing the commencement speech he was to deliver when he received an honorary degree from his alma mater. He had a number of themes he wanted to include and a very specific request for the overall tone. After a phone conversation during which Margaret listened carefully to her client’s vision, she linked the desired themes through anecdotes, historical research, and the speaker’s personal stories. To polish the speech, she adopted a strong voice that resonated with her client and his audience.

Result: A satisfied client, repeat business, and a referral to his colleague.