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Our Story

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Following a new path
Guided by experience, vision, purpose

Margaret Flesher Associates sprouted from seeds planted when I began the transition from a long career in corporate and marketing communications to the uncharted territory of “what’s next?”

Through a process of exploration and reflection, with a healthy measure of reimagining the future, I became increasingly committed to an entrepreneurial path. My mission: To use the experience, knowledge, and skill I’d gained in the corporate world to help businesses and nonprofits succeed and grow by telling their stories.

The principles that guide my approach to serving clients are rooted in my personal nature and the best practices of rigorous, client-focused organizations.

  • I believe that successful communication begins with careful listening and a clear focus on goals.
  • I look at issues through a strategic lens to see the big picture, consider multiple sides of a question, and weigh options to identify core messages that resonate.
  • I consider each client as an individual and work collaboratively to find approaches and solutions that fit your business.
  • With the ability to simplify complex thoughts and ideas, I tailor messages for each of your varied audiences.
  • The values of integrity and trust are the foundation of my client relationships; humor is the secret sauce.

When you hire Margaret Flesher Associates, you have my full attention to your business interests and communications needs. If your project requires additional support, I draw on the resources of my extensive network of communications professionals to provide specialized skills.

Let’s talk soon.

Margaret Flesher