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Everyone has a story

Let Margaret Flesher Associates tell yours.

A good story takes a listener by the arm and invites her to walk a while on a new path, see things a little differently, and be inspired to take a fresh direction.

Company owners

No matter your size or industry—the story you tell about your vision, products or services, and approach to doing business invites your customers and employees to recognize your singular value.

Your personal story


Nonprofit executives and boards of directors

The story you tell about your services, commitment to your mission, and your results invites new donors and volunteers to support your organization and instills pride in your staff.

Margaret Flesher Associates helps you tell your story. We guide you along the path of developing a coherent communications strategy and content that shines new light on the value of your organization. Our writing and editing services take you the extra mile to present your story with conviction and style.

We want to help you tell your story.

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